Finance and Corporate Development

Finance and Corporate Development

Finance and Corporate Development

Zilo partners with you to provide the Financial and Corporate Development Services needed for sustained growth and success. We collaborate with internal teams to execute meaningful analyses, unique to your organization’s specific financial needs and objectives. We help identify opportunities to better manage cash flow and position your organization for growth in an increasingly costly business environment.

We have experience aligning financial expectations with the overall strategy of the organization. We understand that strategy depends on your individualized circumstances and we focus on the area where development is most desired for you, our client. No matter the level of capital of your business, we ensure our services will utilize the finances available and apply our innovative method of consulting to get you ahead in the competition.

Services Include:

Mergers and Acquisitions 

  • In guiding your M&A deal, our team researches, analyzes, and values specific finances, products, and assets, to ensure a sustainable and financially successful M&A. Whether these are cross-industry or cross-global deals, our team will work from the initial phase to the successful acquisition.
  • We identify successful specific industry pricing and financial tactics in consideration with your organization’s needs and innovatively adapt them for continued success. In coordination with our team, you’ll be able to effectively price assets, understand the current state of our market, and identify economic risks.
  • In auditing a potential investment or product, we carefully review and research financial records to ensure value is indeed present before making a decision. We thoroughly assess the target company’s financial state, assets, market capabilities, current, and future performance to accurately value the business.

Financial Modeling

  • With prior experience on Wall Street, this allows our team to apply their in-depth knowledge of financial modeling, using DCF, LBO, Waterfall methods and more to help raise capital, grow your organization, divest assets, or simply value your business into the future. We take into account a magnitude of future factors that can have a substantial effect on the value of your organization.

Economic Development Strategy

  • Specific industries require tailored economic plans. Along with the current state of the economy, our team develops a unique plan based on your key strengths, opportunities, threats, and market trends to develop a specialized plan.

Financial Planning and Analysis

  • Our experienced team of analysts create a road map of future cash flow management to ensure cost-efficient methods of success that are shaped around your specific financial needs. We take into account asset growth, changes in sales, inflation, depreciation, and many other factors to ensure a comprehensive and accurate outlook on your organization’s future financial state.
  • Our team analyzes your operating, financing, and investing cash flows to create a specialized forecast that matches your budget and applies current and future fiscal conditions that leads to sustained financial success.