Women Supporting Women

Women Supporting Women

Transforming the way we support, fund, and interact with female entrepreneurs.

Every year, the number of women entrepreneurs and women owned businesses in America continues to grow. While this is exciting, there is still a shortage of funding for female owned businesses; only 4% of venture capital goes to businesses founded by womenVicki Saunders, Founder of SheEO™, a Canadian based organization is making efforts to change this statistic and give women more financial opportunity.

Since its creation in 2014, SheEO™ strives to connect industry experts with women business owners and bring forth financial support through the contributions of activators. On Monday, Zilo International Group attended a SheEO™ event where a panel of five local female-owned start-up businesses presented their business models and organizational needs to the community.

Heidi Cuppari, Co-founder and CEO of DREAM TANK, spoke on behalf of her business, one that gives kids 8-14 the creative space and mentoring needed to help them create a business around a product, service, or experience they are passionate about. During the event, Cuppari emphasized the importance of “saying yes” to every opportunity in the beginning stages of your business and the importance in being able to ask for what you need.

Arieann DeFazio is the CEO of Kitables, a Boulder based startup that specializes in creating “integrated home science experiments”. Kitables creates kits with detailed instructions and all required materials to complete DIY projects at every level of expertise. DeFazio commented on how her business strives to build confidence in people of all ages and to create more engagement with our surroundings.

Niki Koubourlis, CEO of Bold Betties, an innovative company that does more than just sell outdoor gear. Koubourlis has built a business that helps women defy their perceived limitations while connecting them to the outdoors and each other. Bold Betties offers everything from outdoor gear to national and international group adventures. This strong community reduces the intimidation factor of being active in nature while making it affordable to do so.

Melonie DeRose, Founder of EM+PACT, a health and fitness company for women that goes beyond selling delicious, non-GMO, gluten free, all natural protein bars. Melanie is empowering women and girls to have an impact on their community and family in a variety of ways from aiding young women through the transitional periods of womanhood to confidence boosting.

Ozuké, another Boulder based business founded by Willow King, who was another SheEO™ panel member on Monday, specializes in making live, raw, and organic fermented foods. Ozuké is all about informing the public of the health benefits of probiotic products and busting the myths that follows this industry. An engaging conversation with the audience followed Willow’s presentation that explored different concepts on retail marketing and market research.

It was great to hear from these accomplished women and learn about the differences they are making in the community and the impact their companies have in the life of others.