Outsourcing and Project Management

Outsourcing and Project Management

Outsourcing and Project Management

Today’s businesses are booming, but from customers with changing and diverging needs to new competitors and breakthrough technologies, they also face many challenges.

Historically, companies view outsourcing as a way to significantly cut costs. What we do here at Zilo is find ways to decrease costs while also gaining quality through many measures. Continuous advancements in emerging technology allows us to do just that. Deciding how and where to outsource project management is difficult, but Zilo will help your organization to accomplish and evaluate the potential benefits associated with outsourcing. From there, we match your specific needs to our vast resources with quality and cost-efficient services to ensure the present and future success of your organization.

Services Include:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • Efficient and effective management of business processes is key to the success of your organization. Finding outside methods that improve these processes, however, is difficult and time-consuming. With our outsourcing methods, BPO automates workflows such as customer service, IT, and billing, to an outside party efficiently with constant improvement.

Supply Chain Management

  • An organization’s supply chain is a key component to the functioning of the business process. The transformation of raw goods into a finished product has increasingly shifted in methodology, pricing, and location, becoming more complex and globalized. Our services help your organization maintain an efficient, systematic approach to supply chain management that effectively and efficiently drives growth and competitive success.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Efficient automation of internal and external software tools allows for a more uniform and central system of networks. This enables a productive flow of business processes to reduce risk through data integrity, decrease overall operational costs, and encourage effective collaboration with team members. From resource management to time and expense tracking, we find you the right tools to drive stronger margins, oversee projects, and regulate an economical use of resources. An organization’s success can be linked to the ability to efficiently recruit experienced and skillful employees and management. Our team outsources this search, in whole or partly, to third parties that have distinguished records in reducing time to hire and administering effective cost-cutting measures.

Technology Mitigation and Integration

  • Certain technologies available to your organization can actually be managed from an outside party. From certain cloud-based services to big data evaluation and management, we match your organization to specific parties that improve cost savings and quality.